Green energy

Amalgamated Source

Today, Renew Financial announced the sale of $160 million of residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) assets to Amalgamated Bank, America’s socially responsible bank. PACE programs allow property owners to finance the costs of renewable energy, safety, and energy efficient home improvements at a fixed interest rate with flexible repayment terms. 

Amalgamated Source

New Columbia Solar ("NCS"), a commercial solar developer and operator in Washington, DC, today announced the closing of a $25M loan facility to support the financing of over $50M of solar photovoltaic projects in Washington, DC.

Earth Day is a day to celebrate our planet.  Created in 1970, the day marks the birth of the environmental awareness and protection movement, an impact area at the cornerstone of Amalgamated’s mission.  

Even as we have worked to address climate change over the past decade, it is clear that even our most ambitious goals are not enough to stop dangerous climate trends. 

The U.S. federal government has announced its intention to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Bad idea, sure, but maybe not the monumental setback in the fight against climate change that is feared by so many.

Sustainability and a commitment to protecting the environment are important to Amalgamated Bank and the communities we serve. So, it was natural for us to testify last month before the Council of the District of Columbia to support the Green Finance Authority Establishment Act, which would bolster financial support for sustainability programs in Washington D.C.