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Manage check and ACH fraud online

Our highly secure AmalgamatedOnline® Treasury Manager provides you with tools that allow you to manage and protect your checks and ACH from fraudulent activity so that you can bank with peace of mind.

Available for Commercial and Small Business and organizations. Talk to our experienced bankers to learn more about the products and our bundle pricing options!  

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Fraud prevention that doesn’t rest

  • Reduce any potential exposure to check and ACH debit fraud

  • Detect and return unauthorized checks 

  • Identify suspicious activity

Check Payee Positive Pay

For businesses and organizations with large check volumes and could benefit from additional support to prevent check fraud.

How does it work?

Check Payee Positive Pay compares and verifies the checks issued from your account to the payments coming in to debit your account. If the check presented does not match the details of the check(s) issued, the debit is stopped. Checks that are rejected are then displayed in your dashboard for review and approval or rejection. 

ACH Positive Pay

Best for businesses and organizations that use ACH transactions to make payments.

How does it work?

ACH Positive Pay blocks any ACH debit presented to your account, unless you have an ACH Rule that indicates whether a specific ACH transaction should be approved for processing. If the item has not been indicated before, your dashboard allows you to review it and accept or reject the debit. For accepted items,  you can create new ACH Rules for future presentments. 


Best for businesses and organizations that manage both checks and ACH debits – protect your account with a discount price! 

How does it work?

When enrolling in both Check Payee Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay work with our team of experienced bankers to learn more about the pricing for our bundle offering.

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