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Commercial Services

Powerful products, personalized service

Realize your business’ potential

Our knowledgeable team has over 50 years of invaluable experience and is committed to helping your firm reach its full potential and realize new opportunities. We serve clients with annual revenue generally greater than $5 million. Whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesale distributor or professional service firm, our solutions are tailored for growth. Our comprehensive suite of products and personalized service are designed to put your firm in a position to meet its goals. We provide term loans, lines of credit, the convenience of access to accounts 24/7 and more.

Treasury Management
Treasury Management
Streamlining and improving your financial operations

Collect payments faster, minimize risk of check fraud, improve speed and accuracy of your online payments, manage accounts online and much more. Our sophisticated suite of treasury management services maximizes cash and helps keep money secure.

Commercial Checking
Meeting the unique demands of high-volume businesses

Designed for larger businesses with high-volume transactions, our commercial checking products offer earnings credits and more benefits to help manage money more effectively.

Commercial Savings
Building cash reserves for your business

Your business works hard to maximize efficiency and set aside savings. Responsibly grow your organization's savings with savings accounts, money market accounts and CDs tailored to fit your business' needs.

credit card
Credit cards
Solutions for your organization's needs

With a variety of cards designed to help your organization streamline expense tracking and maximize purchasing power, all of our credit card products come with a variety of important features including secure chip card technology.

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Commercial Business Banking


Why Amalgamated?

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committed to renewable energy

96 years

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How we’re different

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gender equality

I recently attended a women’s networking event where I joined some of New York’s top female leaders in business and politics to discuss professional challenges that women still face in male-dominated industries, and how we, as women, are working to overcome the gender inequality that remains in benefits, wages, and leadership.

affordable housing

Living in the same city where you work fosters a critically important connection to the community and people you serve. Yet for firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses and millions of other low- and moderate-income workers in urban areas, it can be a herculean challenge to find safe, affordable housing near where they work.

Rock the Vote campaign
corporate and social responsibility

Before joining Amalgamated Bank, I spent the bulk of my career working at advertising agencies helping to define and shape the perception of some of the world’s top brands.