Who we are

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The bank for change-makers

We're the bank for people who care what their money does in the world. When you deposit your money at Amalgamated, it supports sustainable organizations, progressive causes, and social justice. We are committed to environmental and social responsibility. We're net-zero and powered by 100% renewable energy, and we have a long, proud history of providing affordable access to the banking system, supporting immigrants and affordable housing, and being a champion of workers' rights.

Sustainable organizations sustain us

They love that we’ll give homeowners special lines of credit to install solar panels. They love that we’ll invest their resources—and ours—in tobacco-free funds and clean energy portfolios. And they love that, as a certified B Corp, our commitment to a greener, more sustainable planet is as clear and uncompromising as theirs.

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1000+ Unions

We work side-by-side with over 1000 unions to get what's best for teachers, steelworkers, firefighters and others keeping us safe, smart and strong. We oversee $57 billion in custody and investment assets under management, support the development and financing of community housing for community workers, have even given strike loans to workers walking picket lines. And yes, you just might see us out there walking with them.

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500+ Political Organizations

We’re political animals, banking hundreds of progressive political organizations, campaigns and candidates. Not just because we share visions and values, but because we work campaign hours, not bankers’ hours. So, we’ve arranged wire transfers to media outlets while other banks slept, and opened new lines of credit from an airport at 3 AM. To us, that’s politics as usual.

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