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Can an investment in your future be an investment in our collective future?

At Amalgamated Investment Services, we're dedicated to helping you create a plan for your financial future that meets your goals, fits your budget and improves societal outcomes. We are proud to be at the forefront of the environmental, social and governance ("ESG") movement—because your investments can both yield returns and create lasting change for future generations.

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Your values. Your investment. Your opportunity.

Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio

When you invest in the Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio series, you'll be supporting environmentally responsible companies that have a positive impact on people and the planet. By participating in fossil fuel divestment, your investments won’t fund assets that are reliant on fossil fuels like coal and gas - so you can help reduce climate change and engage in a responsible sustainable and impactful way to invest.

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Environmental sustainability and resource efficiency

Investing in Mother Earth

Choose investments that promote sustainability and reduce the negative effects of business operations on the environment. Prioritize investments in environmentally-friendly corporations that:

  • Mitigate climate risks and reduce carbon emissions
  • Minimize the impact on natural resources, ecosystems and biospheres
  • Drive sustainability innovation and resource efficiency
  • Manage water scarcity and ensure efficient and equitable access to clean water sources
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Investing in equal opportunities and fairness

Equitable societies and respect for human rights

Your investment dollars can support corporations that deliver a net benefit to society by:

  • Promoting diversity and gender parity in the workplace and across markets
  • Providing a safe and nurturing workplace environment for employees complete with fair pay, advancement opportunities and comprehensive benefits, including healthcare and retirement planning
  • Respecting local people and their indiginous communities, economies, culture, heritage and traditions
  • Developing and marketing safe products and services in a fair and ethical manner, maintaining integrity in consumer relations and ensuring the security of sensitive data

Supporting accountable business

Responsible governance and transparency

Know that you're investing in responsible corporate actors that:

  • Are good stewards of capital in the interests of stakeholders and society
  • Demonstrate accountable and effective governance reflecting diverse perspectives
  • Consider environmental and social risks, impact and performance, and implement established pathways for change
  • Act ethically, transparently and build trust with customers
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Screening out the implements of violence

Investing in a safer world

Don't support the weapons industrial complex. Ensure your money is not invested in the manufacture, design or selling of firearms, ammunination or weapons of any kind.

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