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Increase your organization's contributions with stock donations

Many of our nonprofit and political clients open stock donation accounts with Amalgamated Investments. Studies conclusively demonstrate that organizations accepting non-cash gifts experience dramatically greater growth in total contributions, both contemporaneously and over the long-term.1 Nonprofits who accept both cash and stock donations have been shown to increase their fundraising contributions by 50% over just accepting cash.2

As experts in stock donation accounts, we intimately understand the challenges organizations may face, including difficulty opening and maintaining the accounts, excess fees, minimum balance requirements and more.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a simplified and easy process to help your nonprofit.

Why work with Amalgamated Investment Services:
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Easily open an account and complete the application via DocuSign

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No account opening fees or minimum funding levels*

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Directly link a donation account to your organization’s bank account to eliminate transfer fees

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Active monitoring of incoming donations and timely notification when stock has been received

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Automatic transfer of received stock proceeds to the linked bank account

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Guidance on best practices in advertising stock donation acceptance in your fundraising outreach

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