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Social impact enterprises

You don't just make a profit.

You make a difference.

Mission-aligned banking to help businesses doing good, do better

With Amalgamated, you can be assured that you'll be served by an experienced, mission-aligned banker who, like you, is committed to making our world a more just, compassionate and sustainable place.

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Treasury Management
Sophisticated security

Collect payments faster, minimize risk of check fraud, improve speed and accuracy of your online payments, manage accounts online, and much more. Our sophisticated suite of treasury management services maximizes cash and helps keep money secure.

manage finances
Manage funds effectively

Whether your business needs a basic checking account to monitor cash flow, or one that offers earnings credits to offset potential fees, we offer a range of options complete with sophisticated treasury management software and account analysis.

nest egg
Your business' nest egg

Your business works hard to maximize efficiency and set aside savings. Responsibly grow your organization's savings with savings accounts, money market accounts, and CDs tailored to fit your business' needs.

Commercial Lending
Responding to the financial needs of businesses

We offer a full range of financing solutions, giving you the support you need so you can stay focused on running your business.

Impact Investing
Full service Investment Management

For over 40 years, we've been a stable and reliable source of investment management services. Our experienced team works with you to provide a flexible set of options, approaching each investment with discipline and integrity.

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First Vice President
Social Impact Banking
East Coast

Dara Kagan

First Vice President
Social Impact Banking


Why Amalgamated?

$5 billion

in assets

97 years

of supporting financial equity by providing access to banking products and services


committed to renewable energy

100% Client-focused
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An experienced ally

Our team has valuable experience working in mission-aligned organizations and can help you confront the changing needs of your company.

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Support 24/7/365

We work our clients' hours, not banker's hours. You can count on 24/7/365 concierge services and no hotlines.

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Aligned with values

Our bank is accountable to living our clients' values whether it is through sustainability, corporate governance or political advocacy.

Putting our mission into action

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Read about Amalgamated Bank's client Brotherhood/SisterSol who offers supportive programs for Black and Latino youth in economically distressed communities. 

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corporate and social responsibility

In strong job markets, such as the one we’re experiencing now, employers face the reality of a potentially fleeting workforce. An abundance of jobs, paired with the rise of transferable skills and the newfound mobility that workers enjoy, leaves companies with the task of continuously coming up with new and innovative ways to keep talent.