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 Amalgamated Bank is pleased to announce our 2023 year in review!

This year marked a significant chapter in our bank's storied history – our Centennial. Amidst the celebrations and milestones, we've continued to pioneer our mission of responsible banking, staying true to our values while embracing innovation and growth.

In this year-end wrap-up, we're excited to revisit the highlights and achievements that have shaped our 2023, underscoring our commitment to our clients, community, and the planet.

Join us as we recount the steps we've taken in our continuous journey towards a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future.


Leading Our Mission

In 2023, Amalgamated Bank's mission continued to be the driving force behind our actions and initiatives.

This year was particularly special as we celebrated our Centennial, reflecting on a century of progress while setting our sights on future goals. Here's a closer look at how our mission guided us through a landmark year.

1. The GABV Annual Meeting

image of priscilla sims brown


Hosting the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) Annual Meeting, we brought together international leaders in sustainable banking.

Attendees learned from each other, networked, and celebrated our centennial year with a fabulous event-closing party celebrating our Centennial.

April 14th was also officially proclaimed as Amalgamated Bank Centennial Day by the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams. This proclamation recognizes our 100 years of commitment to social and environmental justice, and our continued efforts to build a more just and equitable world.

See our full recap of the event in our article here.

2. Ringing the Nasdaq Bell

image of priscilla sims brown at a podium


Amalgamated Bank had the honor of ringing the Nasdaq closing bell to mark the 100-year anniversary of our founding.

The closing bell ceremony is a time-honored tradition that recognizes the achievements and milestones of companies and organizations around the world. As one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, ringing the bell symbolizes our commitment to growth and innovation, as well as our unwavering dedication to our mission of making a positive impact on society.

See the moment captured by Nasdaq on LinkedIn here.

3. Enhanced Brand Campaigns


2023 also saw the rollout of several great campaigns, a testament to our marketing team's dedication to inclusivity, education, and robust engagement. These social media-focused campaigns were designed to bring together all facets of the bank, including clients, colleagues, and customers.

Each campaign served as a platform for dialogue, learning, and connection. Follow us on Instagram to see what's in store for 2024.


Product Launches

Innovation and customer-centric solutions were at the heart of our product launches in 2023.

From the groundbreaking Climate Impact Card to the revamped Business Banking platform and the introduction of our Digital Wallet, each product launch represented a step forward in offering our clients the best in responsible and modern banking solutions.

Let's delve into the details:

1. Climate Impact Debit Mastercard® Launch

picture of a debit card


This year, we were proud to introduce our newest sustainable product launch – the Climate Impact Debit Mastercard®.

As a fossil-free bank, we’re constantly looking for ways to create products that will help curb the climate crisis. Net-zero operations, policies, and green investments are ways we’ve already committed to climate justice – and our new card continues that legacy. 

Contactless and made of 80% renewable resources, you can feel good knowing that you’re banking on a bolder future. 

Learn more about our card in our article here.

2. Business Banking Launch

man stands cross-armed


Tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses, we launched our Business Banking platform offering a range of services that emphasize sustainability and social impact, catering to the growing demand for responsible business banking solutions.

“Amalgamated Bank’s new checking account and digital lending offerings will change the way we engage with our clients. We have a dedicated team to service the needs of values aligned small businesses,” remarks Michael Madonia, SVP Business Banking. “By banking with us, you can rest assured that your money is working towards positive change in the world. We believe that businesses can drive meaningful change, and we are here to help you do just that.” 

Learn more about our Business Banking offerings in our article here.

3. Digital Wallet

image of credit card and merchant till


We introduced our Digital Wallet, a testament to our commitment to providing customers with a simplified banking experience. This digital tool offers a secure and convenient way for customers to manage their finances, aligning with the growing trend towards digital banking solutions.

Easily add your debit card to the Digital Wallet and make purchases seamlessly from your phone. You can Use Face ID, Touch ID or Pin on your registered device to approve a purchase.

Learn more about Digital Wallet in our article here.


Media Moments

2023 was a year of significant media presence for Amalgamated Bank, with our expert leadership featured in various prominent media platforms, sharing insights and underscoring our bank's vision.

Let's explore these pivotal engagements and their impact:

1. Amalgamated Bank CEO Named in 2023 Most Powerful Women in Banking

A picture of Priscilla Sims Brown, President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank


Our President & CEO, Priscilla Sims Brown, has been distinguished this year with American Banker’s 2023 Most Powerful Women in Banking award!

As Amalgamated Bank embarks on its next century of service, Priscilla's leadership continues to be instrumental in driving our commitment to do well and do good.

Read the full article on American Banker's website here.

2. Jason Darby & Ivan Frishberg on Nasdaq MarketSite

amalgamated bank on marketsite


During Climate Week, our very own Chief Financial Officer Jason Darby and Chief Sustainability Officer Ivan Frishberg showcased how Amalgamated Bank integrates social responsibility into our business DNA at the Nasdaq MarketSite.

Their insights reflect our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, financial empowerment, and redefining the banking industry. Through investing in renewables and championing B Corp values, we're on a mission to make impactful decisions for a better world. 

See the full interview on Nasdaq's site here.

3. Amalgamated Bank Featured on Amanpour & Co.


Priscilla joined Walter Isaacson on PBS' Amanpour and Company to discuss our commitment to social and economic justice.

Amalgamated’s story is one of doing well and doing good – and how investing in people is what drives change.