Three people working in a farm
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Three people working in a farm
Three people working in a farm

Demand for ESG investment strategies and products continues to see rapid growth. As we expand our ESG offerings, we are growing the team to lead this important work. We believe that sound Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) competencies will no longer be a trademark of industry distinction but a required commitment to better business practices. 

As part of our increased commitment to ESG competencies, Amalgamated is expanding our internal capability and expertise by hiring a dedicated professional who will lead sustainable innovation, ESG product development, and head ESG service offerings to clients by way of new mission-aligned investing solutions. We are excited to announce that Cynthia Dalagelis will become our new Director of ESG Investments and take leadership of this growing area of work for Amalgamated. Cynthia is the most recent hire in a growing cohort of team members who are investing time and energy to create leading edge products that deliver both on mission and return. 

Cynthia is a seasoned ESG strategist with experience guiding private enterprises, global family offices, dedicated funds, and purpose-driven organizations towards responsible investment. Before joining Amalgamated Bank, she served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Timeless, a family office private syndicated investment firm, where she implemented business growth and ESG strategies across a dedicated impact portfolio committed to ESG investment in fintech, health tech, and media. An expert in market analysis, business growth and ESG business models, Cynthia has shared her expertise as a speaker at industry events, including the World Economic Forum on Sustainability, and through alliances with the United Nations on private sector sustainability and a commitment to Sustainable Development Goals. 

Her arrival at Amalgamated represents an initial step towards a broader commitment to expanding our ESG agenda. An agenda that embraces deeper mission integration and a commitment to evolved and diverse product offerings for our institutional investment clients.  

These deepening commitments and expanding resources come in response to and in collaboration with our institutional investment clients who are the nonprofits, foundations, pension funds, and endowments fueling the front line of social change. And with our expanded dedication to ESG solutions and capacity, we are re-dedicating our commitments as the socially responsible banking partner that helps make that work possible.