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The great economies of the world have been built on peer to peer lending. It’s what people have done for millennia: You take your money and lend it (with interest) to family, friends or the community, to create value for yourself and for them.

Compounding is your friend. And if you’re serious about investing, it is your best friend.

Putting the money you have to work through investing is a side hustle that you can do while you’re working hard at your regular job.

It seems every day there’s another big corporation in the news for flagrantly violating the public’s trust—whether it’s failing to protect consumers’ health, safety or privacy, putting bogus transactions or accounts on the books, or neglecting environmental hazards in favor of the heedless pursuit of profits and shareholder returns.

It’s a big part of the American dream – owning your own home. We’re hardwired to believe that it’s something we ‘should’ do as an adult, especially when you have a family.

For many people, capital gains tax is a mystery. It’s one of those tax issues you don’t know about unless you have to.

You work hard for your money, right?  And once you earn it, there are four places your money can go. You can spend it, save it, give it away or invest it.

It’s not how much money you earn, but how much you keep, which is the key to your financial success.

And the difference between those two numbers is how much you spend.

The decisions that you make about how you spend your money every day can have a giant impact on your long-term financial success. Which is why conventional wisdom says that ‘everyone needs a budget.’

Sadly, money issues are one of the leading causes of divorce in the United States. Setting up great financial practices as a couple is one the best things that people can do to give their relationship a chance to thrive.