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Transitioning Appalachia from coal to solar: the story of Solar Holler

Today, we’d like to share the story of Solar Holler, one of our solar clients focused on bringing clean energy to Appalachia. We are proud of the support we are providing through our treasury management and lending services to Solar Holler.

How a homegrown, garage-based project made a massive impact during a global crisis

Mission for Masks was one of the grantees of the Frontline Workers’ Fund. The initiative came from Sonja Schwartzbach (BSN, RN, CCRN), critical care nurse and author, Jess Jacobs, actor, writer, producer, and philanthropist, and two strategists, Sehr Thadhani and Callie Schweitzer.

Empowering the trans community: the story of Trans United

Trans United, a proud client of Amalgamated Bank, is led by trans and gender-expansive people, with a majority of board members being trans women of color. They are a nonprofit community of leaders who have incubated, provided fiscal leadership, and organizational development to nearly two dozen trans-led grassroots groups over the years. 

It takes an LGBTQ+ village: the story of Rainbow Families

Today we’d like to share the story of our client, Rainbow Families, a volunteer led nonprofit organization that supports LGBTQ+ families, parents, and prospective parents by offering a wide variety of education programs, support groups, opportunities to connect and more.

Divesting from warfare

As America’s socially responsible bank, Amalgamated seeks to empower organizations and individuals to advance positive social change. As such, we are taking an opportunity to highlight an important issue, one we believe to be tied in with everything from social to climate justice – nuclear and military weapons of mass destruction.