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Empower Workers With Higher Pay - Commentary by Keith Mestrich

Right now, despite many bank CEOs making tens of millions of dollars each year, the average bank teller makes just $25,800. Here in New York, 39 percent of bank tellers are forced to rely on public assistance programs just to make ends meet. This is morally wrong, yes, but it's also just bad business.

Governor Cuomo Announces More Than 85 New York Businesses Endorse $15 Statewide Minimum Wage

Governor Cuomo, Local Business Leaders & Chambers of Commerce Urge New York State Legislature to Enact First-in-the-Nation $15 Minimum Wage. Proposal Would Benefit More than 2.3 Million New Yorkers; Boost Direct Spending Power by $15.7 Billion.

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Statement from Keith Mestrich, Amalgamated Bank President & CEO, on Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice Drive for $15

This morning, in response to the Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice’s Drive for $15, Keith Mestrich, President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank, said:

Amalgamated Bank Creates "Restart Checking" Program to Help Serve Those Previously Denied Banking

Bank Launches New Subway Ads to Promote Financial Opportunity for All People. Progressive Bank’s Previous Subway Ads Touting Higher Minimum Wage Were Deemed “Too Political” by MTA.

Ivan Frishberg Joins Amalgamated Bank as Newly Created Sustainability Banking Chief

Nation’s Leading Progressive Bank Creates New Division to Specifically Serve The Growing Green, Environmental and Sustainability Fields

Amalgamated Bank Announces National CARES Mentoring Will Be the Latest Recipient of its "Donate the Change" Program

National CARES Mentoring Receives Percentage of Purchases Made on Amalgamated Bank Debit Cards This Winter