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All immigrants deserve basic rights and should be afforded equitable opportunities to become and be recognized as an essential part of a thriving economy.

Our voice

  • One of the first banks to accept NYC’s Municipal ID card helping in the account opening process and to expand banking to under-served communities
  • Launched Hate is Not Charitable campaign to stop the flow of philanthropic dollars to hate groups, including those discriminating against immigrant communities
  • Launched the First Home Mortgage Club to help make home ownership more affordable for first time buyers

Our legacy

Amalgamated Bank was founded in 1923 by a union of immigrants and has spent the past 98 years advocating for immigrant rights.

Our money

  • We will not lend money to private prisons or detention centers
  • We participate in the NYC Kids RISE Save for College program by offering an Amalgamated Save for College Account for participating members, primarily serving immigrant communities
  • Pioneered the first free checking accounts, unsecured personal loans and foreign exchange transfer service allowing immigrants to send money back home
  • Helped United We Dream deploy nearly $300,000 in checks to pay Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) fees for 550 immigrant youths
  • We provide financing to CDFIs that open up investment opportunities for immigrant communities


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