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Flower buds in a field
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The embedded racism in the criminal justice system must be dismantled to end its oppression of Black people, and all People of Color. Investments in community development, healthcare, and education need to be prioritized.

Our voice

  • Endorsed #8CANTWAIT reforms for police conduct and to support investments into community and economic development over policing
  • Endorsed and continually support the Black Lives Matter movement’s efforts to address systemic racism in policing
  • We pioneered Restart Checking — an account for those who have been turned away elsewhere because of credit problems

Our money

  • We do not lend to private prison operators
  • Marshaled rapid response dollars through the Amalgamated Foundation to Minneapolis in response to the murder of George Floyd

Our practices

  • Committed to hiring candidates with former convictions, where permitted, under state and federal regulations

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