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A truly just, resilient economy is one that centers the voice of workers, prioritizes sustainability, and where more resources are democratically controlled. A reformative systemic approach is needed to overcome the economic harm of slavery, land extraction, and marginalization of minority communities to realize an economy where everyone can thrive in harmony with our planet.

Our voice

  • Supports the Inflation Reduction Act
  • First bank to participate in affordable housing in NYC, advocate for tax credits to do so, and support affordable housing subsidies 
  • Vocal advocate for workers’ rights, collective bargaining, and fair working conditions  
  • Open support of the advancement of increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans 
  • Participate in shareholder activism, including proposals to eliminate slave labor in supply chains  
  • Support HR40 to form a Commission to explore reparations
  • Endorse banking reform and consumer protection measures such as the Dodd-Frank Act
  • Explore steps to achieve racial and economic justice for Black Americans
  • Strong champion of expanding paid family leave 

Our legacy

As a bank founded by a union of garment workers, Amalgamated Bank knows that profit can too often come from exploitation and extraction. Amalgamated is the largest B Corporation certified bank and first public benefit bank holding company in the United States and is committed to transforming financial and economic systems to center people, planet, and prosperity. 

Our money

  • We do not lend to extractive industries such as pay day lenders 
  • We contribute and lend to affordable and equitable housing programs  
  • Lend to new economy initiatives, such as the The Working World’s Seed Commons to support cooperative owned businesses 
  • Lent over $95M in 2020 to community empowerment strategies that support new economy models and nonprofits that advocate for economic justice policies 
  • Lent over $100M to community development financial institutions to support greater access to capital for underinvested communities 

Why Amalgamated?


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