sun setting over pink flowers
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sun setting over pink flowers

For nearly 100 years, Amalgamated Bank has fought for a more just and sustainable world. We understand that inequity and injustice permeate our society and that we can live in a more equitable way with one another.

At Amalgamated, we recognize that historically marginalized communities live complex lives, where social and political issues intersect, at the same time compounding on each other. Issues are not siloed and can impact several people, groups, and organizations at one time. To reach a truly equitable and just world, it is important that we recognize the roles these overlapping dynamics play in our policies, activism, and organization.

Standing in solidarity with our clients and stakeholders, through our products, people, and internal culture is all part of ending this inequity. We are committed to contributing to the thousands of groups across the country actively working on dismantling systems of discrimination and oppression.

Issues we have taken a position on include:

* As of December 31, 2021